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Accenture: Unending Stream of Motivating Experiences

This post was originally published in my blog in Accenture internal network to join a competition held by Accenture Marketing and Communication in ASEAN (and won!). I publish it here as suggested by someone who has been a special part of my life.

Themsi project team

“Life is about the people you meet, and things you create with them” ―Holstee Manifesto

When is the last time you feel content and really satisfied by being an Accenturian? The answers may vary, but I believe you will agree if I said that we are all satisfied by the work we do. I think we all can clearly remember the smiling faces of our clients when they found the system we built had really helped them to accomplish their job. We can also recall the happy expressions of our team when we tackled difficult technical issues or achieved a service level beyond the target. And of course we never forget the celebrations when our systems went live.

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